Welcome to Painted Rock!


welcome to Painted Rock
Who am I and what am I up to?

I have power tools
and I love to use them

Sharing experiences
on my "island"

When a mower is
not just a mower

What inspires me
Connecting with
others for better understanding

who am I and what am I up to?

the future I want to live

In a life that encourages selfishness and excess, I seek satisfaction in less. Not less quality, just less quantity. I seek enough. I also seek increased quality. I take this moment to step back from the fast-paced mainstream and evaluate that flow, how it affects me and where it's taking me. Does it offer paths that lead me to where I want to go? Do I surround myself with elements that support where I want to go? I am evaluating what and how I want to use my energy. I choose to live my life with purpose, of focused intention, and with more generosity.

I recognize the unsustainability of the existing mainstream system(s) and my own life process. I seek to simplify my own world and live more in harmony with natural forces. As I do this, I will document the process and experience and share the information in hopes to inspire and encourage others to break free and follow their own flow.


I intend tome

Cut back on unnecessary consumption:

travel/drive less, travel more efficiently/consciously
avoid purchasing items that really don't serve my goals
use less electricity (seal and insulate my house more, use the woodburning stove more,...)

Incorporate more reuse/repurposing tactics:

find reclaiming sites for building materials
use scraps and extra materials creatively for other purposes
harvest rainwater to use for gardening
make better use of the "dead" spaces in my property (ie, attic space in my house
and garage)

Incorporate more self-reliant technologies:

solar panels
gardening (more) - canning/preserving overage
trade/barter - with locals for food, materials, services

Connect and collaborate:

join groups and work with others to build/create within a sustainable framework
learn more
add my voice, skills, and energy to that of others who share my concerns and vision


through various media like print, blog, this website, etc.
in a language that is acceptable, not preachy and non-threatening to my "neighbors"


starting a conversation
begins with a box of thoughts...

Powertools with purpose
With a new mission and a means
to do it, I tackle some projects...

Poeple I've met
There are those who've traveled
a similar path and have a lot to share...

connecting with others
A designer needs to understand their audience.

In order to to this, I created a survey and polled my community for friends, colleagues, and family. Through a series of questions I got a bette idea of where many folks position themselves regarding environmental concerns and degree of engagement in sustainbility efforts.

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